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What is an electric unicycle ?
Electric unicycle is a form of unicycle that is revolutionizing personal transportation,The simplest description of electric unicycle can be one wheel skateboards.As the same suggests,it is a unicycle that runs on electricity.it is light weight,smallest and easy to use device that balances itself with its gyro stabilization and premier monitoring technology.making use of this technology,the system makes adjustments in the speed and power provide by engine hundreds of times per second the device is easy to handle,intuitive in its use,easy to drive wherever you want,and small enough to fit in your backpack.electric unicycle can be used for walking to office,sports or cool plays.

IPS Electric Unicycle
IPS Electric Unicycle Co.,limited is the first domestic integrated enterprise that specializes in the development,research,manufacture and marketing of self- balancing electric unicycle.we are first company in China to have achieved a number of national technology patents by mastering the core patent technology of the self-balancing system.we did this after prolonged and heavy research and development of self-balancing systems and unicycle electric scooters.over past few years.we have successful built a network of dealers and agents all across the countries.

0ur philosophy
we believe that with a combination of our manufacturing experience,distribution channels,internationally organization brand,recently pursuit of quality,and the design philosophy allow us to bring our products to perfect just for you.we continually strive to produce the most technologically advanced products in this rapidly expanding & exciting new market space.

Our Products
We offer a series of models in skateboards and the electric unicycle,our products differ in price,mileage and battery power.we have electric one wheel self- balancing unicycle withcharging time ranging from 3 to 5hours and mileage ranging from 30KM to 60KM.the max of our products was 30KM/H since September,2015. For a detailed description of features of every model,please visit the tab”electric unicycle” on the website.the description given above is to give you a general idea of what to expect from our products.One of leading products in electric unicycles is IPS Zero,one thing makes IPS a good choices is that it comes with a self-balancing technology.it makes use of high technology sensors and gyros that makes it easy for users to balance even on just one wheel.this technology is used in the IPS unicycle,making it easy to use and control.The fast charging feature of the IPS zero is another thing that makes its an excellent choices for self-balancing electric unicycle,you do not need to wait long before it is charged,and the battery holds power for enterprise extended period of time.



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